Kacy Sager slams stepmom, sheds light on ugly Craig Sager estate drama

Craig Sager’s children are blaming their stepmother Stacy Sager, left, for creating turmoil for the family. (Getty)
Craig Sager’s children are blaming their stepmother Stacy Sager, left, for creating turmoil for the family. (Getty)

On Tuesday, Craig Sager II tweeted about he and his sisters being cut out of his father’s will, starting a thread that alluded to a strained relationship with his stepmother that left a lot of questions unanswered.

On Wednesday, his sister Kacy Sager released a statement that answered those questions and made crystal clear how she feels about her stepmother, Stacy Sager.

Kacy paints an ugly picture surrounding the death of her late father, beloved TNT sports reporter Craig Sager, who died of leukemia in December 2016.

She details a story of how her father and stepmother started an affair while Craig was still married to her mother, accuses her stepmother of preventing her from seeing her dying father during his last days and accuses Stacy of excluding her brother from being involved in family matters despite his twice donating bone marrow to his father.

Kacy slammed a piece that Stacy wrote for The Players’ Tribune about her love affair with Craig for ignoring that they started their relationship while Craig was still married.

“You see, when your version of reality is so riddled with delusion and revisionist bulls*** and conveniently selective amnesia being the good guy often hinges on your ability to label others as evil,” Kacy wrote.

“It’s why she poured her saccharine nonsense into that Players’ Tribune piece, telling the world about their epic courtship, all while neglecting to mention that he was married throughout it.”

She also appears to be really set off by people attacking her brother for a moment of public honesty about the estate.

“I refuse to keep my mouth shut when uninformed ***holes try to diminish my brother’s character or accomplishments,” Kacy’s statement reads. “He specifically said he never wanted to contest the will, and a few miserable s***bricks still accused him of only caring about the money. It’s false and gross, and they should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a total stranger for a moment of honesty.”

Craig Sager II followed up on Wednesday, shedding more light on his motivations for reaching out.

Kacy goes into a lot more here, reinforcing that she and her siblings are not contesting the will or seeking money. She details a lot of pain in her family and anger at her stepmother’s role in excluding her and her siblings from family matters while also professing her love for her late father.

It’s a sad, but also likely familiar story for many who have gone through messy estate conflicts. While money is the catalyst here, the pain is often about a lot more than material items.

The entirety of her statement is below.