‘Just keep going:’ New Hampshire woman defying disability to run in Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon draws in people from all across the globe, of all races and ethnicities, and physical abilities. One New Hampshire woman said she won’t let her disability keep her on the sidelines.

I’m not all that fast I just keep going back,” said Anne Noble.

As Noble, 36, picked up her marathon bib at the Hynes Convention Center Sunday she shared this message.

“Just keep going and do the best you can whether it’s you know getting out of bed in the morning, running a marathon,” she said.

Noble has neurofibromatosis Type 2.

It’s great to spread awareness because it’s a very rare genetic disorder,” she said.

Noble said 1 in 25,000 people have the genetic mutation that caused tumors on her brain and spinal cord. She said despite this hand she was dealt, she thanks he dad for helping her find her passion.

" I started running in high school my dad encouraged me to go out for cross country and I didn’t know anybody so and then I just got hooked,” she said.

Noble has met many more friends through running along the way including Cecily Kulak, 5, from Connecticut who’s in town rooting for her mom.

“These are lucky ducks and we give them to runners,” said Kulak.

She handed one to Noble as they posed for a picture.

“You’re so cute thank you,” said Noble.

Nobile said this will be her 45th marathon, her 8th right here in Boston.

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