Jon Gruden's jacked son Deuce joins the Raiders' strength staff

For the past few years, you could count on a Deuce Gruden mention during Washington Redskins broadcasts.

Deuce Gruden is the son of Jon and the nephew of Jay, the coaches of the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins. He was part of the Redskins’ strength and conditioning staff. And even on an NFL sideline, Deuce Gruden stands out. He’s a powerlifting champion, and looks capable of bench pressing any player on his team. Even the linemen.

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Gruden was on the Redskins’ strength staff and it’s no surprise that he left Uncle Jay to go be on his dad’s new staff with the Raiders. Matt Schneidman of the Mercury News had the story.

Oakland Raiders new head coach Jon Gruden welcomed his son Deuce onto his new staff. (AP)
Oakland Raiders new head coach Jon Gruden welcomed his son Deuce onto his new staff. (AP)

Not that Jon doesn’t keep himself in good shape, especially for a 54-year-old football coach, but it’s not like the kid got his powerlifting physique from his dad.

Jon said earlier this year that Deuce’s yoked physique is all from his wife’s side.

“I never got anywhere in the same ZIP code as this guy,” Jon Gruden told the L.A. Times about his son. “His mother is a physical-fitness freak. Weight lifting to Deuce is like football to me.”

It’s a fun story for Jon Gruden to come out of the booth to coach alongside his son. It won’t take the Raiders players long to figure out that the younger Gruden, who has a 622-pound squat, 440-pound bench and 666-pound dead lift, can probably help them in the weight room.

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