Joe Kelly's changeup can't break bats right now, but windows are a different story

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly’s changeup needs some work. Kelly learned that the hard way Wednesday, and he’s going to have to pay for a new window as a result.

While practicing in his backyard, Kelly did the one thing every baseball-loving kid fears growing up: He broke a window. It was his own window, thankfully, but still.

That footage was hilariously captured by Kelly’s wife Ashley. It shows the damage from both angles. Ashley not only managed to get the view from the imaginary pitcher’s mound, she also showed everyone the aftermath of Kelly’s poorly-located pitch.

Kelly, 31, better get his changeup command figured out soon. While he can afford to have the windows replaced, it’s going to be embarrassing if the same window repair person has to make multiple visits to Kelly over the next couple weeks.

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