Joe Burrow reveals when he could start throwing again

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow hit on a ton of interesting topics during his end-of-season presser to start the week.

While the comments about the team keeping Tee Higgins in free agency register as a big deal, even more notable were his comments about where he’s at in his recovery.

Seemingly taking the podium without the splint seen post-surgery last month, Burrow revealed he could be throwing by the spring OTAs, depending on how things go.

He also talked a little about how his workout routine has changed.

“Lifting legs, doing a lot of core, doing the upper body where we can,” Burrow said. “It’s tough without being able to grab or do anything like that. But we’re modifying it in ways that keep me in good physical shape, and just going to keep getting better as the wrist gets better too.”

It took a long time for the exact nature of the injury to even go public, so this was certainly something from the franchise quarterback. This timeline would seemingly suggest he might be full-go by the time training camp starts.

That would be pretty important considering during the same interview, Burrow hinted that some of the under-center stuff they had planned to install sort of went to the wayside when he suffered the calf injury.

While it will still be something to watch, it sounds like Burrow could take a serious step in the process soon.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire