Joe Burrow nearly misses top 10 in fantasy football QB rankings

Spring means positional rankings and other offseason content during a lull period, a stretch where Cincinnati Bengals players slot in some interesting places.

Ja’Marr Chase, for example, recently charted as a top-three wideout in the NFL.

Quarterback Joe Burrow, though, hasn’t fared nearly as well in a new set of rankings.

Rich Hribar, for example, listed the top fantasy football quarterbacks and Burrow nearly fell out of the top 10:

We are now four years into Burrow’s career, and he has been inside of the top 10 in fantasy points per game for just one of those seasons. Injuries and his division have been a thorn. Burrow has posted a 33.3% QB1 scoring rate in division games compared to a 55.9% QB1 scoring rate in games outside of the AFC North.

Remember, this is a fantasy football-only set of rankings, though it’s pretty interesting to see him so far down the list — and that split about his fantasy production in and outside the AFC North is equally as interesting.

If Burrow can stay healthy, a new-look offense could have him outperforming this ninth slot, which would make offseason rankings fun to watch a year from now, too.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire