Jimmy Johnson goes off on Cowboys from Fox Sports’ home office

Outside of Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson was the Dallas Cowboys’ best head coach, and there’s little question about that. Johnson took over in 1989 after new team owner Jerry Jones fired Landry, an unthinkable move after Landry’s 29-year stretch as the franchise’s only head coach. But Johnson, armed with all the recruiting information he’d gleaned as Miami’s head coach, completely redefined Dallas’ personnel at a point when it needed a clean sweep, Johnson won two Super Bowls in just five seasons as the Cowboys’ head coach, and you could say that he won three, because the Cowboys who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX at the end of the 1995 season was Johnson’s team with Barry Switzer as the placeholder.

Well, Johnson’s old team found itself on the wrong end of quite the debacle with a 27-7 deficit against the Green Bay Packers at the end of the first half in the wild-card round, and Johnson — in his current role as a FOX Sports analyst — did his best to radar in his thoughts as to what the current Cowboys should do to get back in the game.

Frankly, I’d pay more attention to this than anything current Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy had to say at this point. And at this point, Jerry Jones might want to see if he can get Johnson on a place from Los Angeles to Arlington, Texas.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire