Jets 2024 schedule: Game-by-game predictions

The NFL schedule makers did the Jets very little favors to begin the season – three games in 11 days. That’s a brutal stretch, but if New York plans to make a run to the Super Bowl, it will be only the first of many hurdles along the way.

There’s, obviously, so much to come before the Jets board a flight to San Francisco to open the season on Monday Night Football. We still have no idea what the roster will look like. Still, a little schedule prediction is always fun.

So, here’s a first crack at predicting how things will play out for the Jets in 2024.

Week 1, at 49ers: LOSS

This is a brutal way to start the season. It’s actually a double-bummer because you’d love to see this matchup, which could repeat itself in February, a bit later in the season after the two knock off some rust.

It’s hard to see the Jets traveling to San Francisco and beating the 49ers with so many new pieces on offense (three new offensive linemen, new receivers) and Rodgers having missed all but four snaps last year. I do believe the Jets match up well with San Francisco, just not this early in the year.

Week 2, at Titans: WIN

We’ll see what Will Levis is this year, but I have my doubts. That Tennessee team, now absent Mike Vrabel, Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry, might be among the worst in the NFL. The Jets shouldn’t have an issue with this one.

Week 3, vs Patriots: WIN

It actually surprised me the Patriots didn’t take the package the Giants offered them to go up for Drake Maye. They’re far more than a quarterback away from contention. I thought they’d recoup those assets, round out the roster a bit more, then look for their franchise signal caller in 2026 or 2027.

Alas, they did not. You haven’t been able to say this much over the last two decades, but the Patriots are not in the same class as the Jets (or Bills or Dolphins, for that matter). This could be the blowout Jets fans have waited for.

Week 4, vs Broncos: WIN

The return of John Franklin-Myers. The Jets didn’t want to trade him away. They just didn’t have the money to keep him. The sad thing for Franklin-Myers is that he left a team believing it's capable of making a playoff run, to one still in the infancy stages of a rebuild.

Week 5, at Vikings (London): LOSS

Could the Jets see Sam Darnold for a second time? They faced him previously with the Panthers in Zach Wilson’s debut. I’m very interested to see Darnold, assuming he beats out rookie J.J. McCarthy, in that offense. I’m giving the Jets a loss here not because the Vikings are immensely better, but this has the feel of a look-past game to the Bills the next week.

Week 6, vs Bills: WIN

Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich just seem to have Josh Allen’s number. There’s something about their defense that gives him fits. The Jets will be ready for this one – wanting to show they’re the new leads in the AFC East.

Week 7, at Steelers: LOSS

I don’t think the Steelers are a better team than the Jets. This is just an example of a letdown after the emotional high of beating the Bills. Pittsburgh is a tough place to play, too. By this point the Jets will likely face Justin Fields, too, who’s running ability might give their aggressive defense issues.

Week 8, at Patriots: WIN

The Patriots might be the worst team in the NFL. In East Rutherford or New England, it shouldn’t matter – the Jets will win this game handedly.

Week 9, vs Texans: LOSS

The Jets beat the Texans and rookie phenom C.J. Stroud last year, but Stroud was without virtually his entire receiving corp. That shouldn’t be the case this time around, plus Houston added Stefon Diggs via trade. This is a tough game against an up-and-coming premier team.

Week 10, at Cardinals: WIN

It was a bit surprising the Cardinals completely ruled out drafting a quarterback this year. They’re clearly comfortable running it back with Kyler Murray. I’m not sure that’s the right call. Traveling to the west coast isn’t always the easiest, but this game shouldn’t be that hard for the Jets.

Week 11, vs Colts: WIN

I’m fascinated to see Anthony Richardson this year. He has so much physical talent and is in a great situation ... as long as he can stay healthy. The fact he went down so often to begin his rookie year was alarming.

Week 12: BYE

Week 13, vs Seahawks: WIN

The Seahawks are a fascinating team entering this season. For the first time since 2009 they’ll be led by someone other than Pete Carroll. This game might be one I’d flip if it was played in Seattle. Instead, the Jets take care of business in MetLife.

Week 14, at Dolphins: LOSS

Hard Rock Stadium has been a House of Horrors for the Jets in recent years. They just can’t seem to find a way to consistently play well in Miami. The Dolphins figure to be a very good team this coming season. They beat the Jets in this one.

Week 15, at Jaguars: LOSS

This is a pivotal year for Trevor Lawrence. He looked to be on the doorstep of superstardom after the 2023 season, but struggled throughout 2024. I think you’ll see a major bounce-back from Lawrence and the Jaguars this year. They’re better than some people think.

Week 16, vs Rams: WIN

The Rams avoided a full-on rebuild when some thought that’s what they needed. The fact they made the playoffs at 10-7, barely losing to the Lions, was wildly impressive. This could be their crash landing, though. There are legitimate holes on that roster and Matt Stafford turned 36 in February. How much longer can he do it?

Week 17, at Bills, LOSS

It’s hard to see the Jets sweeping the Bills. Buffalo is such a hard place to play this late in the season, too. Maybe Rodgers’ cold-weather roots in Green Bay help him here? Not sure it will.

Week 18, vs Dolphins, WIN

A big bounce-back win for the Jets in this one successfully gets them into the playoffs. The Dolphins aren’t a very good cold-weather team and it’s hard to play at MetLife that late in the season.

REGULAR SEASON RECORD: 10-7, second place in AFC East