Jerry Jones blows off question about Jason Garrett's job security — while sitting next to Garrett

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We’re on the cusp of a brand new football season, so that means it’s time for questions about Jason Garrett’s job security.

It’s an annual rite for the nine-year Dallas Cowboys coach who mans the sideline for the highest-profile team in America while working for one of sports’ most outlandish team owners in Jerry Jones.

With Cowboys training camp getting started Friday, the question inevitably came up again, even with much-more compelling drama surrounding the Cowboys heading into the season.

Jones addresses Garrett’s job security — sort of

With Jones holding court in a news conference and Garrett flanked on his right, a reporter asked Jones “what do you need to see from Jason to bring him back in 2020?”

The news conference was taking place with the backdrop of some noisy construction, a distraction Jones seized on.

Wait, what?

“What did you say?” Jones responded after taking a solid four-count to gather his thoughts. “I really didn’t hear you.”

The reporter then repeated the question verbatim, allowing Jones time to find a joke to completely deflect the question.

“I really didn’t hear you,” Jones repeated, this time with a sly grin and a hand gesture suggesting his stated hearing problems. “I’ve got a damn drill going on back over there.

“Next question.”

That should stoke some confidence for Garrett.

Jason Garrett is surely familiar by now with Jerry Jones addressing his job status. (AP/File)
Jason Garrett is surely familiar by now with Jerry Jones addressing his job status. (AP/File)

Jones eventually gave a more serious answer to the topic of Garrett’s job status without actually giving an answer.

“There’s no secret that the guy to my right here, I want to be the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys for as long as I’m around to spell it,” Jones said. “That would be my goal, and that’s no secret, and many of you have written about it in various ways. So let’s see what’s ahead.”

Garrett has been here before

Garrett is used to this, of course. He has spent the better part of his career in Dallas surviving constant calls for his job in the pressure cooker that is Cowboys football.

The calls have often been warranted. Garrett’s tenure in Dallas includes a grand total of two playoff wins in three appearances, not the seeming recipe for a decade-long tenure with the NFL’s most ego-driven franchise.

But he’s arrived for another training camp. And this time, he showed up fresh off one of those playoff victories that came on the heels of an NFC East title.

If he’s ever had job security, this would be the moment. But as Cowboys fans can attest, failure to repeat a playoff bid this year will put the heat directly back on Garrett’s seat. Those calls for Sean Payton aren’t going away any time soon.

And that’s the message Jones appeared to deliver Friday in typical Jerry Jones fashion.

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