Jerod Mayo: I doubt Tom Brady will be coming back to New England to play

Earlier this month, Tom Brady did an about-face regarding his desire to not play again and opened the door to a midseason return for a contender that loses is starting quarterback due to injury. He specifically mentioned the Patriots and the Raiders.

On Monday, Patriots coach Jerod Mayo was asked about the possibility of Brady returning to New England.

"I love Tom, and the door is always open if he wants to come in here and coach," Mayo said Monday morning on WEEI. "But as far as going on the field, I don't know. But if he comes in here, once again, going back to the 'hey, the best player will play,' you've gotta come in here in compete, and he loves competition. I doubt he's gonna be walking through these doors any time soon."

It still wasn't an accident that the guy who said he's done for good has suddenly said he might return. Will teams want him later? Will they want him now?

For the Patriots, who have five quarterbacks under contract and drafted two of them this past weekend, Tom's 20-year house is crowded.