Jeff Van Gundy mocks the idea of NBA players 'doing their own research' on COVID vaccine

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As the debate about the COVID-19 vaccine rages on in the world of sports, the NBA has been front and center with several high-profile players saying why they did or did not receive the vaccine.

ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy weighed in on the subject and says the research should be done by people with expertise.

"I would like someone to answer this question," Van Gundy said during the preseason matchup between the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets. "What does that look like, you doing your own research?

"What are you doing? I don't understand what that means, 'I'm doing my own research," he said.

Van Gundy's inquiry got chuckles from his broadcast partner, Brian Custer.

"How about this, we got really smart people. A lot smarter than anyone in the NBA, who has already done the research," he said.

The NBA rates for players getting vaccinated is reportedly above 95%, but some have complained about receiving the shot.

Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins received the shot but said he was forced into taking it. Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving was declared ineligible to participate in the Nets' preseason game on Friday at Barclay Center because a local ordinance requires him to be vaccinated.

Jeff Van Gundy before a game in Houston in January 2020.
Jeff Van Gundy before a game in Houston in January 2020.

Van Gundy said that the Nets are good enough to win the title without Irving, whose status remains up in the air with less than two weeks before their season opener on Oct. 19 against the world champion Bucks in Milwaukee.

Some have said their hesitancy is due to the fact that they are still doing research on a vaccine that has been available for most of the year. The Pfizer vaccine received approval from the Food and Drug Administration in August.

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