Hey Tari Eason, maybe don't poke the four-time champions. Curry, Thompson win petty trolling back.

Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets

When Houston was trying to chase down Golden State for the final play-in spot in the West, Houston's Tari Eason decided to troll the Warriors on social media, referencing the 1979 movie "The Warriors."

Be careful which bear you choose to poke.

Golden State thrashed Houston 133-110 Thursday night, all but ending the Rockets' postseason hopes (the Warriors are four games up with six to play). During garbage time, Curry used three water bottles to recreate the now legendary “Warriors, come out and play” scene.

Klay Thompson didn't hold back.

"That's pretty lame, especially if you're not even playing," Thompson told reporters in Houston. "It's one thing if you're playing, you're out there competing and you can back it up. But if you're just going to be trolling from the sideline, like bro, what are we d
oing? At times we talk mess, [but] at least we're out there competing. That's all I have to say about that.”

Eason can watch the Warriors in the playoffs from home. Or Cabo. Or wherever he will be.