'He's fulfilled his primary objective'

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Stoke City head coach Steven Schumacher
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Stoke City head coach Steven Schumacher recently finished his first season at the club with three consecutive wins against Plymouth Argyle, Southampton and Bristol City.

Speaking to BBC Radio Stoke, Ben Rowley from 'The YYY-Files' claimed that the 40-year-old's time in charge has so far been a success:

"He has done a good job because if we'd have carried on the trajectory that we were before he came in, we would have gone down, so he's fulfilled his primary objective.

"It took a bit of time for him to realise what he needed to do. I don't know how quickly he's going to go back to that ideal (formation) as he goes into the new season and how wedded he is to that. Nathan Jones was well wedded to his formations, that cost him in the end.

"If he's able to adapt here, we might sign two inverted full-backs, midfielders that run themselves into the ground and centre-backs that are willing to stand on the ball for 15 seconds before passing it out calmly. That's just not been very Stoke and I don't know how the crowd are going to react to that.

"His biggest accolade for me, and this is something that's not been done since Mark Hughes has been here, he's actually improved players. We've seen players grow over the course of the last dozen or so games.

"That's what I'm looking forward to next season. Seeing if he can take the squad that he has and helping them develop which is something that we've really lacked over the years."