Got a Kid Who Won’t Eat “Sauce”? This Divided Frying Pan from Target Is a Game-Changer

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Things we love: eating delicious meals with our family. Things we’d rather not talk about: doing the dishes after dirtying every single pan in our kitchen because our kid insists on the same sautéed chicken breast as the adults but without any sauce (and God forbid it would touch the broccoli).

Enter the Nordic Ware 3-in-1 Divided Sauce Pan, which we just discovered at Target. This might be the biggest dinnertime game-changer since one-pot pasta.

The 12-inch nonstick cast aluminum skillet looks like any other pan, save for one major difference: There’s a T-shaped raised divider in the center, so you can cook three separate foods in one go, without adding more cookware to the pile in the sink. Even better, it allows you to cook those sauced and sauceless portions simultaneously, saving you both time and your sanity. We can already see all the 5-year-olds gobbling up their plain chicken—a dinnertime miracle.

Plus, if you’ve moved on from the “I hate sauce!” phase to the “I only eat one specific sauce!” phase, you can pair the skillet with a similarly divided saucepan ($55), which has higher sides and two separated compartments. (Psst: Nordic Ware also makes our favorite baking sheet, and it’s currently on sale.)

You might still slice the chicken the “wrong” way and the broccoli still might touch, but at least there’s no sauce in sight. Happy cooking, y’all.

Buy it ($55)

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