Giants’ Brian Daboll pleased with weight room changes

One thing that New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll wanted to address this offseason was the team’s strength and conditioning program.

The team went through a slew of injuries in 2023 and Daboll wants to ensure that doesn’t happen again going forward. This offseason, the Giants hired Frank Piraino as the new director of strength and conditioning and brought in Drew Wilson and Steven Tatekawa to assist him.

In addition, the Giants brought back Aaron Wellman as their executive director of player performance. The weight room has been remodeled and Daboll appears to be excited by how the new team is working with the rest of the coaching staff thus far.

“Some of the other new coaches have been very, very pleased of the things they’ve presented, how they want to do things, what they think can be better; been very easy to work with,” Daboll told reporters at the Giants’ first day of offseason voluntary workouts on Monday.

“Have learned a good amount from those guys as well in terms of what they think is important, not just developing the core strength and the quickness, but the type of things they’ll do with the players. They got up and spoke today in the team meeting, Aaron did, Frank (Piraino), and then the guys we retained from last year that were here.

“But we’ve met, I’ve met with them quite a bit as you do to get ready for this particular phase one. I’ve met with them often about their structure, how they see things. We’ve done some different things to the weight room and improved some things in there I think. They’ve been getting after it all morning, which is good to see.

“Those two guys heading up that area have done a great job for the couple months they’ve been here.”

Daboll lauded ownership for taking the request to upgrade the strength and conditioning of the team seriously and investing heavily in it this offseason.

“There is a little turf area in the weight room. The whole weight room is different. There is a different vibe in there. There’s some things we can do a little bit more in there for them,” Daboll said. “We’ve met here in the morning. There are out there working out right now. We’ll get feedback and make sure we’re trying to do everything we can do to help them be the best they can be.”

Turf was installed in the weight room to assist in some new workout drills.

“The weight room is set up a little bit differently, the configuration of it, trying to maximize our space and give those guys everything they need to perform their jobs,” added Daboll.

“So credit to the ownership for doing those type of things for the strength coaches and Joe. You know, it’s a good start. Good to get everybody back in the building. I know that. There is a good vibe.”

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire