Giannis can’t wait to pick Morant as captains select All-Star teams

SALT LAKE CITY — Giannis Antetokounmpo caught LeBron James and everyone by surprise when he didn’t pick his Bucks’ teammate first, grabbing Damian Lillard as his first reserve before taking his point guard Jrue Holiday.

However, the highlight of the first live draft of the NBA All-Star teams was when Antetokounmpo tried to draft Ja Morant as a reserve, except he is a starter. Host Ernie Johnson had to gently correct him while LeBron just cracked up.

Here’s how the teams shake out

Team LeBron:

• LeBron James
Joel Embiid
Kyrie Irving
• Luka Dončić
Nikola Jokić

Anthony Edwards
Jaylen Brown
Paul George
Tyrese Haliburton
Julius Randle
De'Aaron Fox
Jaren Jackson Jr.

Team Giannis:

• Giannis Antetokounmpo
Jayson Tatum
• Ja Morant
Donovan Mitchell
Lauri Markkanen

• Damian Lillard
• Jrue Holiday
• Shai Gilgious-Alexander
DeMar DeRozan
Pascal Siakam
Bam Adebayo
Domantas Sabonis

A handful of quick thoughts:

• Let the rumors fly — LeBron picked free agent to be Irving as a starter. Also, let the NBA’s tampering investigation begin. LeBron said this one was for Cleveland (where they won a ring as teammates).

• Maybe the funniest thing was when a camera zoomed in on Antetokounmpo’s notes for the draft and it was broadcast. It had Lillard at the top of the list.

• LeBron went big with the starters, taking Embiid first and later grabbing Jokić.

• Team Giannis reunites former Kings backcourt Fox and Haliburton.

• Markkanen was the last starter taken, and Jaren Jackson Jr. was the last reserve.

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