Gardner Minshew has Kyler Murray in his fantasy league, and Minshew is still on waivers

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There are some great stories about the character that is Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew, and we’ve already delved into many of them.

Here’s a new one from Sam Borden of Minshew plays in a dynasty fantasy football league, completely redrafted his team over the summer and finds himself tied for first place.

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That’s not the best part. Minshew, who has done pretty well for himself after replacing Nick Foles as the Jaguars’ starting quarterback, has Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals as his fantasy quarterback.

Gardner Minshew passed on himself in fantasy

If you were good enough to start in the NFL, you’d pick yourself up for your own fantasy team, right? Not Minshew. He took Murray, the first pick of the draft. Minshew is apparently still available on his league’s waiver wire.

"I keep waiting for him to pick himself up, but no one took him,” Tre Polk, Minshew’s friend from Brandon, Miss., told Borden. “Gardner Minshew is available in Gardner Minshew's fantasy league."

That would be like Christian McCaffrey playing in a fantasy league, getting the first pick and taking Ezekiel Elliott.

For anyone who plays in a dynasty fantasy league, in which players are kept by the same team year after year, you know how difficult it would be to basically start your team from scratch. But Polk told Minshew hit on guys like Oakland Raiders running back Josh Jacobs, Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler and the New England Patriots defense.

“He just sees the game in a different way,” Polk told Borden.

Minshew has been impressive

There are plenty of stories within the piece about Minshew’s football acumen and also his free-spirited ways. He has instantly become one of the NFL’s more lively personalities.

He has also played much better than you’d reasonably expect from any sixth-round rookie: 1,279 yards, nine touchdowns, one interception and a 105.6 passer rating. The Jaguars might have a legitimate conundrum when Foles is ready to return.

If Minshew gets replaced by Foles later this season, at least his fantasy team won’t suffer.

Gardner Minshew has been one of the NFL's best stories this season. (Getty Images)
Gardner Minshew has been one of the NFL's best stories this season. (Getty Images)

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