Fort Worth 18-year-old shot multiple times for $1,500 worth of marijuana, warrant says

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Nathan Bocanegra’s plan to sell marijuana was simple: Walk down a few blocks from his Fort Worth home, meet someone he had communicated with on Instagram and get $1,500 for the drug, according to court documents.

But on the morning of June 1, Bocanegra was shot multiple times, run over by a car and left to die on a Fort Worth street, according to an affidavit supporting arrest warrants for suspects in the case.

Through social media accounts, Fort Worth detectives said they tracked down the gunman and the person who made the deal with Bocanegra.

Arrested on Monday was 19-year-old Francisco Nevarez-Caldera of Fort Worth. He faces a charge of murder in the case.

He’s accused of being the gunman in the fatal shooting.

Nathan Bocanegra, 18, was shot and killed on June 1, 2021, in Fort Worth. Two other Fort Worth teens have bee arrested and accused of being involved in Bocanegra’s homicide.
Nathan Bocanegra, 18, was shot and killed on June 1, 2021, in Fort Worth. Two other Fort Worth teens have bee arrested and accused of being involved in Bocanegra’s homicide.

Just days after the June killing, 19-year-old Brianna Zamarron of Fort Worth was taken into custody and accused of being involved in the homicide.

Zamarron was charged with murder on June 24, and she was free Tuesday on $50,000 bond.

Fort Worth detectives believe Zamarron was the person who had contacted Bocanegra about buying marijuana. Nevarez-Caldera is Zamarron’s boyfriend, according to the warrant obtained Tuesday by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

At about 4 a.m. on June 1, Fort Worth police responded to a call of someone lying in the roadway with trauma in the 5400 block of Dennis Avenue.

When they arrived, officers found a body and homicide detectives began an investigation.

The body was later identified as Nathan Bocanegra, but Fort Worth police have not released any other details in the case such as if more arrests are expected.

Bocanegra died from multiple gunshot wounds, according to a ruling by officials at the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The warrant written by Fort Worth Detective L. Dickerson provided these details on the fatal shooting:

After Bocanegra’s body was found on the street, detectives determined that the teen had been in contact with a person using the screen name “pimp_baby02.” Police later identified that person as Zamarron.

Messages between the two indicated that Zamarron wanted to buy weed on the morning of June 1 and the two set up a meeting.

Initially, Zamarron told detectives she drove near Bocanegra’s home and he walked up and gave her the marijuana through a passenger window and she gave him $1,500. She left without him, according to the warrant.

She denied anyone was in the car with her, saying she had stopped for gas before meeting with Bocanegra.

But cellphone data obtained by detectives indicated that Bocanegra’s cell phone was moving away from the scene of the shooting and video surveillance showed Bocanegra getting into Zamarron’s vehicle.

Additional surveillance video showed a man who appeared to be Nevarez-Caldera get out of his girlfriend’s vehicle and purchase $20 worth of gas before the drug deal, according to the warrant.

Armed with a search warrant, detectives searched Zamarron’s car and found several stains that were consistent with blood. A mixed solution of Blue Star Latent Blood Reagent was applied to several areas inside of the vehicle and it reacted, meaning the stains were consistent with blood.