Ex-teammate says Aaron Rodgers is 'hellbent on some revenge' against Packers, wants new deal

The Green Bay Packers could be in trouble if Aaron Rodgers really wants a new contract. Rodgers is reportedly “hellbent on some revenge” against the Packers, and will “make them pay” in any new deal, according to Rodgers’ former teammate, T.J. Lang.

Lang made those comments while appearing on WXYT in Detroit on Monday, according to Lang — who is reportedly still close with Rodgers — said Rodgers was not happy the team took Jordan Love in the first round of the draft last season.

“I think he was quietly pissed when they took Jordan Love a year ago,” Lang said. “The one thing I’ll say about Aaron Rodgers, pretty much the last 10 years of his career he’s wanted that team to just go all-in for one year. ‘Just give me some pieces, let’s just go all-in, let’s trade a future first if we have to get a couple guys. Let’s just go all-in and try to win this thing.’

“And then last year, he hinted at them doing that, ‘Hey, I’m excited, let’s see who they can bring in,’ and they bring in a QB. I think that was the ultimate slap to the face when you feel like you’re one piece away from winning the whole thing.”

Rodgers was likely upset the team drafted his replacement, but Lang focused on a different aspect of Rodgers’ frustration. Rodgers has reportedly pushed for the team to go all-in for the past 10 years, but to no avail. There was some hope the Packers would do that last offseason — perhaps by grabbing another receiver for Rodgers — but the team selected Love in the first round.

With Rodgers at the helm, the Packers have won just one Super Bowl. The team has come close to getting back to the big game, but continues to fall short in the playoffs. At 37, Rodgers is likely nearing the end of his career and desperately wants to win another title before he hangs up his cleats.

Aaron Rodgers reportedly wants a new contract

Though he’s currently under contract through the 2023 season, Rodgers reportedly wants a new contract, according to Pro Football Talk. Rodgers will make less than many other elite quarterbacks over that period, and could ask for a new deal that pays him more and keeps him in Green Bay even longer.

It’s a good time for Rodgers to make those asks. He’s coming off a season in which he led the NFL with 48 passing touchdowns, and will likely take home the MVP award. His leverage won’t get higher.

Lang believes Rodgers will use all of that to his advantage during negotiations. On top of getting paid more, Rodgers will also ask the team to finally give him an all-in season, according to Lang.

That’s not a bad strategy. Considering how close Rodgers and the Packers have come to another Super Bowl, an all-in season could be the thing that finally pushes them over the edge.

The Packers would be wise to make that a reality, especially while Rodgers is still playing at an elite level.

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