Former Sixers guard TJ McConnell helps Pacers destroy Knicks in Game 4

The Philadelphia 76ers have been ousted from the NBA Playoffs and now is the time to check on the action from around the league from the teams still participating in the postseason.

The New York Knicks, who ousted the Sixers in Round 1 in a tough six games, had a chance to go up 3-1 on the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, but they didn’t give themselves much of a chance.

The Pacers were up 23 in the first quarter and raced their way to a rather easy 121-89 win over the Knicks in Game 4. The series is now 2-2 shifting back to New York.

Former Sixers guard TJ McConnell hopped off the bench and had 15 points and 10 assists. He knocked down two triples as well and gave Indiana a big boost on both ends of the floor with his toughness and high basketball IQ.

While McConnell and the Pacers are still alive, the Sixers are getting back to work to try to make a deep playoff run in the 2024-25 season.

Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire