Former Raiders DE Chandler Jones posts open apology, says ‘feeling much better’

It’s been a difficult last few months for Chandler Jones. Last September, just prior to the start of the season, he was dismissed from practices for personal reasons. And never returned.

It soon became apparent he was having some serious mental issues. He began posting strange videos online rife with strange conspiracies and even stranger behavior.

In late September he was arrested for violating a restraining order against him. The next day the Raiders released him. A sad state of affairs for the former All Pro pass rusher.

Since then, the strange and worrying videos only got worse. He was clearly not in a good place. A very concerning place.

Now some five months later, he sounds like he may be coming out the other side of it.

On February 12th he posted on social media that it was a “new day”. Then he posted it again two days later. Followed by a message saying he was feeling better and offered an open apology.

Is it possible he is truly on the mend? That is the hope. While there were many who just chose to either point and laugh or even attempt to instigate his erratic behavior, a great many people remained supportive that he could get the help he needed.

Mental health is a subject that has come into the forefront in NFL circles in recent years. As Marshawn Lynch used to say “take care of your mentals.”

Football can be a brutal sport that takes its toll on players both physically and mentally. And many have worked hard to remove the stigma for those who struggle with it and encourage them to seek help.

We are all rooting for you to beat this, Chandler. Get well and stay well.

Story originally appeared on Raiders Wire