Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers: LIVE updates, results, full coverage

Floyd Mayweather used Aaron Chalmers to give fans in London glimpses of what made him great in an eight-round exhibition.

The Hall of Famer, who turned 46 a few days ago, had his way with the British reality TV star and former MMA fighter. He landed almost at will and took almost no punches, which was a familiar sight for those who have followed his career.

There was no scoring as it wasn’t a sanctioned bout but Mayweather would’ve won by shutout.

The event was about fun, for the crowd, for Chalmers and for Mayweather. And everyone seemed to have a good time.

That can only mean one thing: This certainly isn’t the last we’ve seen of “Money” in the ring. There is more money to be made and more fans to please.

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Mayweather’s jab looks vintage. So quick, so accurate.


Chalmers doesn’t even see the punches coming; his reflexes aren’t’ quick enough. Mayweather is throwing power shots here and there but he’s taking his time. He obviously wants to the give the crowd a show.


Mayweather didn’t look like a 46-year-old in the first round. Still quick, still has good timing, still punches accurately.


Mayweather and Chalmers are in the ring. We’re only a few minutes away from the exhibition.


Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to face British reality TV star and former MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers today (Saturday) in a pay-per-view exhibition at O2 Arena in London.

The featured bouts begin at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT (7 p.m. U.K. time). The main event will take place later in show.

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Full coverage – a fight story, photo gallery and analysis – will follow on separate posts the day of the fight and the following day.

Enjoy the fights!


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