Flambo the talking dog steals millions of hearts on TikTok. Watch him show his genius

Screengrabs from @flambothedog's TikTok page

Ever wonder what your dog would say if they could talk? A family in Texas and their Australian shepherd figured out how to put that mystery to rest.

Flambo, a pup who lives in Houston, has gone viral on TikTok for his ability to “talk” with his owners using a series of buttons. He started learning in 2020 and now uses dozens of buttons to talk.

“When COVID hit and we had lockdown, Flambo and I were both extremely bored. So in my attempts to try and keep us both sane, we were learning a new trick every day,” Flambo’s owner Abba Adams told Chron. “That’s when I found Christina Hunger, a famous speech pathologist, and she slowly developed this method with her dog Stella. The method is very similar to those used for nonverbal students of hers.”

Flambo has more than 1.4 million followers on TikTok and 23.4 million likes. Some of the words he has learned include “play,” “more,” “awake,” “please,” and “later.”

Aside from being fluent in buttons to communicate, Flambo is a decorated dog-show competitor and has won several “Best in show” ribbons.

Other dogs have found fame on TikTok using similar buttons, including the “Founder of the talking dog movement” Christina Hunger and her dog Stella, and Bunny the talking dog.

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