Fantasy Football: Changing things up in 2023

Andy Behrens and Tank Williams discuss a pair of players who they would love to enhance, make more appealing in 2023

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: All right, Tank, this is a little change it up time and the concept here, it's very simple. If you could make one enhancement to any player or team situation to boost their fantasy appeal next season, what would it be? Get us started.

TANK WILLIAMS: Oh, OK. So my first wish list is this. No more running back by committee in Kansas City, please. Like CH didn't get hurt, Andy Reid was really going to torture us with a three running back committee the entire season.

But then once CH got put on ice, once Jerick McKinnon and Isaiah Pacheco all of a sudden became relevant. And wasn't it glorious? But can you imagine if just one running back sucked up all that volume? Just go back and think about Brian Westbrook in Philadelphia and what he was able to do with the Eagles when he was that long back in Andy Reid's system. I think just Andy Reid just doesn't want us to have nice things in fantasy, but don't you wish he did?

ANDY BEHRENS: I truly do, but Brian Westbrook isn't walking through that door. For me, this is going to be Travis Etienne, but with actual receptions. This is not the version of Travis Etienne that was exactly promised to us, right? He, in his final two seasons at Clemson, with the same quarterback, caught 85 balls.

This was a core competency for this player. He's been great. He's got 1,000 yards in 15 weeks. He's been absolutely outstanding for fantasy managers, no complaints there. But he doesn't have more than three targets in a game since October.

I don't think he has more than five targets in a game all season. We know, again, this is a thing he can do. If he's going to unlock the ability to reach like 1,600, 1,700 scrimmage yards, become a true RB1 for fantasy purposes week in and week out, he's got to get the targets. Talk to me now about Kyle Pitts.

TANK WILLIAMS: Kyle Pitts, we need the exact opposite of whatever the hell that was this year, OK? If that means Arthur Smith needs to kick rocks, so be it. If that means that they need to go out and sign a veteran quarterback or draft a quarterback in this year's draft besides Ridder, so be it.

If that means Kyle Pitts needs to go up to the owner's office and say, hey, you need to make sure I get the damn ball or I'm sitting out all the 2023 season, so be it. There's no reason for a dude as talented as Kyle Pitts to have less than 3 receptions average per game in his 10 games before he got put on ice on IR. So whatever it takes for this dude to live up to his God-given talent and to bless our fantasy teams with some production in 2023, so be it.

ANDY BEHRENS: I hear you there. If I can throw out one more thing, it's going to be, how about we get some actual targets for George Pickens and how about we give him real targets? How about some layups? How about some screens?

How about some slants? How about some easy stuff? How about everything doesn't have to be like a superhero level catch?