Fair Game makes five demands for FA Cup reform

Manchester City celebrate 2023 FA Cup win

Football campaign group Fair Game has issued five demands to reform the FA Cup following the decision to scrap replays in the competition.

The body, which represents 34 men's professional clubs, has called for an amendment to the upcoming Football Governance Bill that would mean replays could not be scrapped without a majority vote from all eligible clubs.

Its five further demands include Champions League qualification being awarded to FA Cup winners to "regain respect for the competition".

It also wants the planned football regulator to rule on any financial changes to "ensure it protects the whole football pyramid".

Fair Game wants replays to be played on Monday nights for clubs playing in Europe, reform of voting structures to "one member one vote" and for fans to be consulted to changes to football competitions.

Last month, FA Cup replays were scrapped from the first round onwards from the 2024-25 season as a result of the expansion of European competitions next season and the resulting pressure on the football calendar.

The move was widely criticised, with more than 100 clubs sharing statements voicing their position against the move.

Niall Couper, chief executive of Fair Game, said: “It is clear that something went fundamentally wrong with the consultation process that has led to this mess.

“Treating the FA Cup as an inconvenience, ignoring clubs in the pyramid and ignoring the wishes of fans cannot continue."