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An extensive review on Gabrielle Union’s Amazon hair care line

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The wait is finally over. The Gabrielle Union Flawless haircare line has relaunched and arrived at Amazon. And it’s affordable luxury haircare in one of the most accessible ways.

The Gabrielle Union Flawless haircare line may or may not sound new to you. The haircare brand first launched in 2017, but was not completely Black-owned, nor Black-led.

“My first order of business was wanting to reclaim my company and become 100% Black-owned, Black-led and Black-marketed,” Union told Refinery29.

In addition to the brand not feeling authentic, Union was struggling with her own authenticity in representing the brand. The actor and activist had been losing her hair due to IVF treatments at the time of launch.

“Dealing with baldness is debilitating it is humiliating, it messes with your dignity,” Union said in an interview with Inkwell Beach Cannes. “Now, imaging trying to launch a hair care line called Flawless when I feel anything but and not feeling like my most authentic self because I had to wear wigs and clips to cover the bald spots.”

After working with her friend and celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims to get her hair back in good health, the two collaborated to create the new 12-piece product line of Flawless haircare that is available starting Aug. 3.

What’s in the Gabrielle Union Flawless hair care line?

The line targets all hair types from loose waves to tight coils. I even tried it for my own type 4 locks. With hydrating and protein-induced ingredients like Brazilian bacuri butter, coconut oil, biotin, Amazonian pequi oil, Himalayan moringa oil, rice oil complex, lilac leaf extract and African shea butter, the line is made to moisturize.

Within the line, you can expect to find haircare staples like the Flawless Hydrating Detangling Shampoo, the 3-Minute Restoring Conditioner, the Detangling Leave-in Hair Conditioner and the Defining Curl Cream.

However, for an initial launch, the brand also has some other treatment-focused products. Some of the intensified moisture additions include the Scalp Soothing Tonic Hair Treatment, the Restoring Exotic Hair Oil Treatment, the Hydrating Co-Wash Cleansing Hair Conditioner, a Repairing Deep Conditioning Hair Masque and the Hydrating Curl Refresher Hair Spray.

The only two products that aren’t yet available for purchase on Amazon (but have visible product pages) are the Edge Control Hair Styling Cream and the Smoothing Blow Dry Hair Cream.

I tried a wash and go with the Gabrielle Union Flawless hair care line

Credit: Ari Bines

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting these results for a brand with products under $10. But after trying most of the line myself for a wash and go, I could only rave about what’s in the bottle.

Shop: Scalp Soothing Tonic Hair Treatment, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

Starting with the Scalp Soothing Tonic Treatment, I felt like my itchy scalp had a nice slight-minty treatment. Instead of scratching and causing harm to my scalp, applying this legitimately soothed the itch in seconds. For protective styles, this will come in handy after a fresh set of braids.

Shop: Hydrating Detangling Hair Shampoo, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

The hydrating shampoo cleanses but doesn’t strip. According to Sims, who helped develop the line, it’s free of silicones and other unnecessary ingredients.

“I think we’re so used to silicones in our products because we like the way our hair feels, we like the slippage,” Sims said. “But in actuality, silicone clogs up the pores and it’s just bad for your hair and scalp in general and overall health, so we stripped all the things that weren’t necessary and weren’t good.”

You’ll still get slippage with this shampoo. In fact, you hardly need a quarter’s worth to build up a good lather — and my hair is thick.

Shop: 3 Minute Restoring Hair Conditioner, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

For only three minutes, you get pretty soft ends when leaving this in for the recommended time. Though I will say, as a tighter texture, I’d leave this in a little longer to really achieve as much moisture as you can.

Shop: Repairing Deep Conditioning Hair Masque, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

This masque may be one of the most impressive products I tried from Union’s line. I applied this to my hair and put myself under a hot bonnet dryer with a spritz of the brand’s Shine Enhancing Heat Protection Hair Spray for 20 minutes. I didn’t think my hair could have any more moisture than it already did, but I could see a defined curl pattern form after taking myself from under the dryer. The brand recommends rinsing it out with cold water for the best results.

Shop: Restoring Exotic Hair Oil Treatment, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

Another one of my favorites happens to be the smallest product in the line. After washing my hair, I added this treatment. It’s as if you can feel the moisture penetrating the hair shaft. It works nourishing magic so fast. Plus, it’s not greasy after application.

Shop: Defining Curl Hair Cream, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

Now for the Flawless product that had me gagging at my wash and go. The Defining Curl Hair Cream can be used for both twist-outs and wash-and-go styles. Typically, I don’t believe in wash and goes for type 4 hair — least of all my 4C hair. But to my surprise, with some sectioning and finger detangling, I achieved some definition, but more importantly, length and volume.

I will say my hair was “stretched” prior to washing it, but with other wash and goes, I usually get way more shrinkage. Not here though. Combing the product through kind of worked against me as I wasn’t getting a lot of definition. But as soon as I tossed the Denman brush and finger detangled, I was getting more definition and length from the product. Oh, and a whole lot of moisture.

Shop: Hydrating Curl Refresher Hair Spray, $9.99

Credit: Amazon

I’m not a big believer in hair refreshers — but this one is a different story. My hair wasn’t super dry nor did it shrink with my bonnet on. However, the curl refresher gives the hair body and moisture, if any was lost.

In my experience with hair refreshers, I tend to use up the whole product after only a couple uses because there isn’t enough moisture. But I saved product with this hair spray because even without properly sectioning my hair and spraying it throughout, I still got a decent level of nourishment with about five spritzes of the bottle.

After a day of using the line, I was sure my hydrated ‘fro would be already dry as a bone in this humidity. But as soon as I removed my satin bonnet, I could still feel the remnants of the Restoring Exotic Hair Oil Treatment locking in the moisture from the day prior.

The entire Gabrielle Union Flawless haircare line feels like luxury quality in a bottle, and it really is a complete hair care line from shampoo to simple treatments. But the line really gets praise for its moisturizing factor because it’s consistent in every single step. So if you are someone with textured hair, I’d highly recommend it. Plus, how do you say no to $10?

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