What to expect from Cordarrelle Patterson in 2022

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and The Underdog’s Josh Norris discuss Cordarrelle Patterson’s resurgence in 2021, including his potential fantasy value this upcoming season.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Last question here. We talked about guys that break the mold. Cordarrelle Patterson certainly is that player. Talk about life cycle of an NFL career like we did with Melvin Gordon up at the top, to go from absolute train wreck of a first round pick to the best kick returner at-- wide receiver by the way, to the best kick returner probably in NFL history, to all kinds of roles as the backfield leader last year. What are you doing with Patterson this year? I have no idea what to do with Patterson this year. And are you interested in any of the guys behind him like Tyler Allgeier, Damien Williams, any of these other guys?

JOSH MORRIS: You were just five years ahead of Cordarrelle Patterson, Matt, from the backyard banner days. I know. Just five years early.

MATT HARMON: Don't bring up the archives.

JOSH MORRIS: I think that was the first player other than A Rob, maybe even pre-A Rob, that was like the stamp of approval, but we got here.

MATT HARMON: It was the unofficial-- so for those uninitiated, in 2013 is when the first kind of little sampling--

JOSH MORRIS: That's nine years ago.

MATT HARMON: It's like-- feels like 100 years ago. It's like 100 pounds ago, by the way. Anyways, shout out to me. I think that when you look at those early articles, the 2013 season, you got to put a lot of context behind those numbers because like now those numbers you look back at like, oh, yeah. Those are like 5th percentile, so-- maybe even worse. Anyways, yeah. I do-- I always appreciated Cordarrelle Patterson. I'm very happy that he found this role with the Falcons.

JOSH MORRIS: He did such an amazing job of being the only explosive element on that team, and it's like we don't even care anymore heading into drafts this year, you know? Like there were games when he had 18, 10, 29, 11, 12, 13, 13, then 3, then 25, then 9, and then 11 fantasy points. That was all within the first 13 games of the season. And then the Final Four when he had an injury and basically didn't play and all this type of stuff, it's like we're only focusing on those because right now he's going as running back 38. Guess who that's just in front of? Rookies Isaiah Spiller, Rachaad White, and then pure running back insurance in Alexander Mattison.

It's like, again, no one even cares that C Pat was amazing out of the backfield, a really explosive player when getting him to the edge, by the way. Derrick Henry does his best work when getting to the edge and getting up the field in Arthur Smith offense. And then we also might get pure wide receiver snaps from Cordarrelle Patterson, too. And receptions are pretty cool for running backs. So where he's going-- I know he's 31 or whatever age he is. I like C Pat, man. I like him at running back 38. I think if he was 25 years old, we might have to be taking him in like round four. And we're getting a very deep discount beyond that.

MATT HARMON: Yeah. I find myself really interested in taking him as well because it just feels like free points, basically, where he is going. We have no idea how they're going to come. I don't think he's going to be used, at least I hope not, as the base back, like he kind of was towards the end of last season, but that remains to be seen then, who that other guy is going to be. So Falcons offense, very interesting to try to do all these weird projections with.