East side balance of wrestling power shifts, plus 200 wrestlers' records

The next set of state rankings by will be released Thursday. A significant dual meet from last week will impact them.

Mounds View, No. 2 in Class 3A, traveled to Stillwater on Thursday and defeated the No. 4 Ponies 39-21 in the spotlight match of a triangular at Stillwater.

Both teams handled the third team on the docket, Centennial, with ease, Mounds View winning 65-0 and Stillwater winning 44-12, setting up the anticipated match between Mounds View and Stillwater.

Mounds View has made no secret of its desire to beat its northeast metro rival. The only blemish on Mounds View's record last season was a loss to Stillwater in the Section 4 team finals, denying the Mustangs a berth in the state tournament.

Mounds took a 10-0 lead with victories as 107, 114 and 121 pounds. Stillwater won four of the next five matches, three by fall, and led 21-14 after the 152-pound match.

But Mounds Views boasts impressive strength at the upper weights this season. The Mustangs won the final five matches, jump-started by a 5-4 victory by Colton Loween at 160 pounds. They roared through the final four matches, winning a major decision, a forfeit and getting match-clinching pins by Quin Morgan at 215 pounds and Gavin Maxey at heavyweight.


Hastings senior 121-pounder Blake Beissel, the 2023 Class 3A 113-pound champion, picked up his 175th career victory Saturday.

Anoka head coach Todd Springer earned his 450th career coaching victory Friday.

Simley senior Cash Raymond won for the 200th time in his career Friday.

Metro wrestling honor roll

Listed are wrestlers with 21 or more reported victories


Owen Larose, Mounds View, 35-3

Logan Refsnider, Totino-Grace, 31-3

Anthony Heim, Shakopee, 30-2

Brett Kiecker, Orono, 29-7

Turner Ross, Simley, 27-1

Liam Collins, Prior Lake, 24-1

Kale Westergaard, Big Lake, 24-5

Noah Lund, Rogers, 24-12

Caley Graber, Northfield, 23-4

Ethan Strack, Scott West, 23-7

Brayden Fobbe, Annandale/ML, 22-5

Saitaro Kong, Apple Valley, 22-9

Ashton Charmoli, Waconia, 21-9


Brett Swenson, Mounds View, 30-2

Joe Dauffenbach, Stillwater, 29-9

Lincoln Robideau, St. Michael-Alb., 28-2

Wyatt Wald, Cambridge-Isanti, 27-8

Tyler Chenevert, Farmington, 27-10

Joel Friederichs, Watertown-Mayer, 26-2

Alex Gau, Champlin Park, 26-4

Dylan St. Germain, Eagan, 25-1

Austin Grzywinski, Simley, 25-3

Zach Kellogg, Rogers, 24-8

Grady Connelly, New Prague, 24-9

Gabriel Michels, Howard Lake-W-W, 24-9

Ian Lessard, Elk River, 23-3

Anthony Nichols, Edina, 22-4

Cassen Brumm, Annandale/ML, 22-1

Gavin Lambert, Hastings, 21-10

Aidan Carlson, Mahtomedi, 21-7


Grayson Eggum, St. Thomas Academy, 33-7

Blake Beissel, Hastings, 32-1

Leo Edblad, Cambridge-Isanti, 31-3

Jackson Refsnider, Totino-Grace, 30-4

Caleb Tracy, Scott West, 30-9

Lawson Eller, New Prague, 29-2

Titan Friederichs, Watertown-Mayer, 28-0

Brandon Board, Andover, 28-1

Raydon Graham, Howard Lake-W-W, 28-7

Shane Schwab, South St. Paul, 27-2

Stephen Dragos, Chaska/Chan, 26-8

Noah Nicholson, Stillwater, 26-9

Carter Katherman, Farmington, 25-5

Luke Koenen, Wayzata, 24-3

Will Schneider, Mounds View, 24-10

Spencer Lee, Eastview, 23-9

Zach Mayo, Champlin Park, 23-11

Brody Bergeron, St. Michael-Albertville, 21-8


Trey Beissel, Hastings, 34-1

Tegan Sherk, St. Francis, 34-2

Tyler Turzinski, Shakopee, 31-4

Jake Kos, Simley, 30-3

Grady Weinbrenner, Rogers, 27-8e

Aiden Enderlein, Eastvie w, 27-11

Sean O'Brien, Totino-Grace, 26-7

Kaleb Mead, Watertown-Mayer, 25-4

Grant Marr, Forest Lake, 25-5

Chase Mills, St. Michael-Albertville, 24-5

Jack Bridenstine, Coon Rapids, 24-7

Kaleb Gau, Mpls. Roosevelt, 22-5

Caden Staab, Northfield, 22-5

Gabe Cohn, St. Thomas Academy, 22-10

Caleb Howe, Woodbury, 22-17


Logan Swensen, Wayzata, 26-1

Chase Stortz, Big Lake, 26-2

Justus Heeg, Simley, 26-6

Mason Lund, Rogers, 26-11

Finn Bloomquist, Prior Lake, 25-7

Dane Krull, Chaska/Chan, 25-7

Tate Olson, Delano, 24-8

Aiden Enderlein, Eastview, 24-9

Jack Bainbridge, Hastings, 23-13

Dino Tokin, Woodbury, 23-13

Isaac Leonard, Stillwater, 22-14

Caden Borgen, St. Francis, 21-4

Ayden Ripplinger, Burnsville, 21-5

Gavin Jackson, St. Michael-Albertville, 21-10


Davis Parrow, Farmington, 38-1

Mickey Piazza, Cretin-Derham Hall, 33-9

Parker Lyden, Forest Lake, 31-3

Jayden Haueter, Apple Valley, 31-4

Austin Herbst, Totino-Grace, 28-8

Ian Schultz, St. Michael-Albertville, 25-4

Jonah Coffey, Woodbury, 25-13

Zane Engels, Northfield, 24-6

Gabe Cohn, St. Thomas Academy, 24-11

Navarro Kornwolf, Rogers, 24-11

Mason Breggemann, Scott West, 23-12

Connor Warren, Shakopee, 22-4

Troy Doroff, Edina, 22-7

Amilio Salas, Simley, 22-10


Alex Braun, Woodbury, 38-0

Ethan Sylvester, Totino-Grace, 35-1

Matt Randolph, Scott West, 32-3

Riley Clark, Lakeville South, 29-4

Brady Swenson, Mounds View, 28-8

Andrew Schwab, South St. Paul, 25-4

Andre Adamsson, Brooklyn Center/CA, 25-9

Noah Trottier, Apple Valley, 25-9

Jackson Marr, Forest Lake, 25-11

Gunnar Hostetter, St. Francis, 23-9

Brandon Michel, New Prague, 23-10

Ethan Mangowi, Farmington, 23-15

Mason Schilling, Glencoe-Silver Lake/LP, 21-9

Josiah Solliday, St. Thomas Academy, 21-17


Brad Little, Woodbury, 35-4

Landon Robideau, St. Michael-Alb., 30-0

Kyler Walters, Shakopee, 30-6

Tyler Laudenbach, Apple Valley, 30-9

Bradee Dwinell, Waconia, 28-7

Riley Forar, Lakeville North, 28-8

Cash Raymond, Simley, 26-2

Clayton Solber, Irondale/SLP/StA, 25-5

Jace Carlson, Rogers, 25-10

Apollo Ashby, Mounds View, 24-4

Cole LaFave, Annandale/ML, 21-2

Isaac Roberts, SP Highland Park, 21-4

Sean Brennan, St. Agnes, 21-10

Pierce Lewis, Eastview, 21-16


Nate Berchtold, South St. Paul, 34-2

Colton Loween, Mounds View, 34-4

Cael Olson, Delano, 32-2

Tyler Ruff, Lakeville North, 29-9

Vristol Short, Simley, 27-6

Carter Skradski, Coon Rapids, 26-8

Edon Davis, Farmington, 27-11

Russell Gillette, Chaska/Chan, 24-4

Charlie Petit, Wayzata, 23-6

Lindson Turner, Stillwater, 23-12

Jack Ferguson, Shakopee, 22-8

A.J. Garcia, Apple Valley, 22-17


Jacob McLaughlin, St. Agnes, 33-3

Jackson Barron, Shakopee, 32-2

Ethan Swenson, Mounds View, 31-6

Bryce Burkett, Watertown-Mayer, 29-0

Brady Westall, New Prague, 29-4

Daunte Sasse-Doering, Elk River, 27-2

Michael Gillette, Chaska/Chan, 26-7

Max Hultmann, Orono, 26-13

Mitch Knight, Champlin Park, 23-3

Kenny Wells, Coon Rapids. 22-5

Tyler Graczyk, Howard Lake-W-W, 22-8

Charles Mikely, Big Lake, 22-9

Jeff Ritter, Delano, 22-12

Isaac Hunter, Stillwater, 22-13

Jed Wester, St. Michael-Albertville, 21-1

Cole Hamilton, Rogers, 21-4


Marcell Booth, Apple Valley, 30-3

Blake Krause, Lakeville North, 28-5

Charlie Witzel, St. Agnes, 28-5

Dylan Thomas, Scott West, 28-7

Joe Kruse, Totino-Grace, 26-10

Danny Martin, Simley, 25-8

Calvin Brinkman, Irondale/SLP/StA, 25-10

Carson Turner, Chaska/Chan, 23-4

Kenny Wells, Coon Rapids, 21-5

Joey Muhlstein, Mounds View, 21-6


Quin Morgan, Mounds View, 35-0

Cy Kruse, Totino-Grace, 34-1

Cooper Jahnke, Waconia, 32-5

Cito Tuttle, Stillwater, 30-3

Derrick Steinke, Hastings, 30-7

Brady McPherson, Orono, 29-10

Brock Zurn, Prior Lake, 26-4

Dominic Heim, Shakopee, 24-4

Tristan Holbrook, Scott West, 24-5

Nathan Klatt, Annandale/ML, 23-0

Andrew Bonk, South St. Paul, 23-8

Josh Bergan, Lakeville South, 21-4

Hunter Gruba, Forest Lake, 21-7

285 (Heavyweight)

Jack Bauer, Eastview, 30-6

Carson Schoenbauer, Scott West, 27-6

Will Sather, Eden Prairie, 26-1

Brody Perry, Edina, 26-5

Gavin Maxey, Mounds View, 24-6

Owen Swedberg, Totino-Grace, 22-10

Mark Rendl, Forest Lake, 21-1

Cole Will, Eagan, 21-4

Prentiss Derrick Jr., Chaska/Chan, 21-6

Brady Anderson, Cambridge-Isanti, 21-7

Hayden Skillings, Coon Rapids, 21-8

Brady Gregory, New Prague, 21-10

Andrew Olson, Stillwater, 21-11


100 POUNDS: Ava Schultz, St. Michael-Albertville, 22-3; Ivy Brandenburg, Hastings, 17-5.

106: Vivian Diaz, South St. Paul, 25-11.

112: Hannah Schuster, Apple Valley, 25-4; Gisele Gallegos, South St. Paul, 24-8; Allison Weinzettel, Hastings, 17-7.

118: Phoenix Fure, Cambridge-Isanti, 25-6.

124: Andrea Quinones, Apple Valley, 25-4; Gracie Kobus, St. Michael-Albertville, 20-7; Lainey Houts, Northfield, 17-3.

130: Juslene Chea, St. Michael-Albertville, 18-11; Riley Meyers, Eastview, 15-1.

136: Cassy Gonzales, Apple Valley, 24-0; Avery Herron, St. Michael-Albertville, 19-5.

142: Fae Bromley, St. Michael-Albertville, 17-4.

148: Esperanza Calvillo, Apple Valley, 26-3; Skylar Little Soldier, Hastings, 14-0.

155: Maggie Steele, St. Michael-Albertville,17-7.

170: Grace Alagbo, Apple Valley, 22-1; Sadie Strait, St. Michael-Albertville, 21-4.

190: Gloriann Vigniavo, Apple Valley, 23-4.

235: Lily Wolke, Apple Valley, 19-6.