Bucks coach, Antetokounmpo's agency call out Drake for 'disrespectful' antics

Drake has had plenty of fun sitting courtside before. He’s gone back-and-forth with LeBron James and Kevin Durant in the past and even Joel Embiid more recently. For all his antics, it’s finally the Milwaukee Bucks who seem to be unable to take it in stride.

The team’s fans have voiced their displeasure through two games in Toronto over how much fun the global star has sitting beside the Raptors bench, but now it’s becoming an even bigger “issue.”

Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer took aim at the rapper during a conference call Wednesday, more or less telling Drake to quit it with the showmanship.

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Budenholzer wasn’t Drake’s only critic. Georgios Dimitropoulos, a senior executive of the agency that represents Giannis Antetokounmpo, has voiced his displeasure over some of the “disrespect.”

“Imagine a gig & an athlete on VIP seats, right next to the band, stands up on the stage just to show off during the entire game, knowing cameras are on him, occasionally even massaging the singer. Security&him both allow it. Never seen anything as disrespectful as this before...” Dimitropoulos said in a now-deleted tweet.

Interesting thought, that. In fact, it sounds a lot like the time Drake brought LeBron on stage at a concert alongside Travis Scott for a performance of Sicko mode. Remember that? That was a blast, and the crowd loved every minute of it.

If it’s really so disrespectful, is this not the organization that played the Barney song for the Raptors’ road introductions a couple of years ago in the playoffs? Did they not play the Kawhi laugh when he turned the ball over in a regular season trip to Milwaukee? Did Giannis not put up some shots while Ja Rule was performing at the Fiserv Forum earlier this season?

All of these things happened and they were actually all hilarious. It’s all part of what has made the NBA the most entertaining major sports league in North America and continues to raise its profile. It’s the playoffs, but it’s really not that serious.

Giannis scored 25 points but the fact that he air balled a free-throw for the second game in a row gave the crowd plenty to get amped up about, and Drake is no exception. Antetokounmpo finished 6-of-10 from the free-throw line in Game 4, and this isn’t the first time that Raptors fans have been all over an opponent for their struggles at the line.

It’s all just fun and games until you’re on the losing end, I guess.

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