Doc Rivers says Joel Embiid is making progress from injury for Sixers

DETROIT–The Philadelphia 76ers will play their third straight game on Sunday without Joel Embiid as they take on the Detroit Pistons on the road. The Sixers should be able to get a win over a struggling Pistons squad without the big fella, but the fact that Embiid has now missed three games in a row brings up questions.

He is currently dealing with foot soreness as the team continues to move forward, but now there are questions about whether he will be fine in the future. Is this something the Sixers have to worry about?

“We’re not gonna rush anything,” said coach Doc Rivers. “We’re not concerned, but we wanna make sure he’s right.”

Embiid did not make the trip to Detroit as he stayed back in Philadelphia in order to work on his rehab and be sure he continues to progress from the injury.

“Yeah, he’s working out,” Rivers added. “He worked out on the floor yesterday (Saturday) and today back at home so he’s making progress.”

Rivers then revealed that Embiid first suffered the injury in the win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Jan. 2. The Sixers return home on Tuesday to host these same Pistons and he isn’t sure if the star big man will return for that one.

“I have no idea, honestly,” stated Rivers. “I really don’t and I don’t focus. I think you know that by now. I’m trying to get through tonight’s game and then we worry about the rest after that.”

At this point of the season, this is when players begin to deal with minor aches and pains and it is the time when the Sixers want to make sure these guys get their rest. Therefore, they won’t push or rush anything.

Still, considering Embiid’s vast injury history, one has to maybe even feel sorry for him. It always feels like something is happening to him.

“This is like, to me, not with this,” the coach finished. “This is not an injury where you’re out for three months or anything like that and Jo, fortunately, hasn’t had a lot of that so no, not in this case. I think it’s tough on Joel, it’s tough on the team as well, but right now it’s our whole league.”

As far as PJ Tucker is concerned, Rivers said there was no point in bringing him on the road for a game with a sinus issue.

“A sinus,” he said. “You’ve had it so it’s tough to play when it’s infected. It’s really tough to try and get him on a plane for one day and back so we felt strongly about not doing that with him.”


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Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire