Dez Bryant makes his pitch to play for Patriots, Redskins

Like the rest of us, Dez Bryant spent Sunday afternoon watching football and crowing about it on social media. Unlike the rest of us, though, Bryant still might land himself an NFL job this season. And he spent the afternoon making some interesting (and, it must be noted, one-sided) speculation.

Dez to the Patriots?

The most interesting moment came when a fan, watching the Dallas Cowboys sputter, asked Bryant to get in touch with Jerry Jones and seek another shot. Bryant had another team in mind:

“I rather go somewhere I can show case my skills for real,” he wrote. “if I line up next to Gronk hogan Edelman I’m for sure getting a 1 on 1 match up plus I won’t be getting criticized controlled for expressing my love for the game..Washington is cool as well.”

Not sure Bryant’s on point with New England not criticizing him for “expressing love for the game,” but you have to admit, it’d be interesting to see Bryant catching passes from Brady. Plus, it’s not like the Patriots haven’t handled receivers with troublesome reps before; Randy Moss had some of his best games in a New England uniform. And Moss joined the Patriots when he was 30; Bryant, though it seems like he’s been around forever, is only 29.

Washington makes for another intriguing destination, but Bryant appears charmed by the thought of a suddenly high-powered and efficient offense at the hands of new quarterback Alex Smith. Plus, there’d be the opportunity to play Dallas twice a year. And hey, speaking of Dallas …

Dez: Done with the Cowboys

Bryant’s well-publicized split with the Cowboys led to plenty of side-picking, with Bryant happily retweeting fans who want him back in silver and blue. But after Sunday, Bryant says, no more Dallas talk:

Oh, and as for the guy who once threw Bryant a touchdown or two? Bryant is happy for his success, but he’s got his eyes on bigger game than microphones:

It’s a pretty good bet Bryant will end up in a uniform before the end of the year. But even if he doesn’t, he’s got himself a second — and much less profitable — career as a Twitter commentator.

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