David Carr provides scathing theory on Tom Brady, Josh McDaniels

Former NFL quarterback David Carr had a scathing take on former New England Patriots coach Josh McDaniels.

Carr, who recently appeared on the “Harvest Sports Podcast” had his theories as to why his younger brother, Derek Carr, was not a good fit with McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders.

David claimed McDaniels wanted a quarterback who would take control during the course of a game.

This is certainly an interesting take, given that McDaniels, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady were a big part of the Patriots dynasty over the years. The group was responsible for engineering two separate dynasties and helping turn the Patriots into an elite organization. According to David, Brady was the one calling the shots.

“I think what happened, and this is just my opinion,” said Carr. “I don’t speak for anybody in my family. I don’t speak for anybody from New England. I know some people up there, I know some people that were in Las Vegas. I would say what happened is, in New England, Tom Brady ran the show. So, he was able to bully Josh. And he would just say, ‘This is what we’re gonna do.’ If Josh said no, he would go to Bill’s office. If Bill said no, he would go to Robert Kraft, ‘Trade Jimmy Garoppolo, I don’t need him in here causing a problem.’ Jimmy Garoppolo gets traded, right?

“So, I think that’s what happened. I think that when they were in New England, Tom ran his stuff. Tom is a guy, historically, that gets to the line of scrimmage, picks the play he wants to run. …I think that what Josh wants to do, is Josh feels like—and maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong, time will tell—he feels like he can guess right most of the time from the sideline, which is almost impossible to do in this day and age.”

This is certainly a bold statement to make, given that Brady and McDaniels were often viewed as key pieces to New England’s success. It also undoubtedly raises questions about the role Belichick played in all of this, and if there was indeed a power struggle.

Belichick had nothing but nice things to say about his former quarterback during an appearance on Brady’s podcast in February, publicly putting to rest theories about animosity between the two. This may be a question that will forever remain unanswered.

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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire