Davante Adams: Things get taken out of context, I love everybody here

Recent comments from Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams about the team’s direction created questions about his relationship with head coach Josh McDaniels and General Manager Dave Ziegler, but Adams said Thursday that there’s no issues.

Adams said in an interview that he and the front office “don’t see eye-to-eye on what we think is best for us right now” and that he is “going to have to buy into this and try to be as optimistic as possible. That came on the heels of other social media posts earlier in the offseason that some people took to be signs of dissatisfaction with the addition of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but Adams said that was “never my intention to bring any kind of negative attention.”

Adams said it was “never a slight” at Garoppolo and that he is always “unapologetically me,” which can lead to things being “taken out of context” and suggested that’s what people have been doing this offseason.

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“You can grab something and run with it if you want to get clicks,” Adams said. “That’s what people often do with me if I misspeak or speak up. At the end of the day, I’m a Raider and I’m excited to be here. I love my head coach and I love the General Manager here. Everybody from the top to the bottom.”

Adams suggested that people bored enough to twist his words around should “go play Monopoly or some shit” and it will be a lot easier to avoid any further parsing of comments in the future if the Raiders are more successful on the field. Adams will be a big part of that bid in 2023, so there’s plenty of value to finding a way to have everyone on the same page moving forward.

Davante Adams: Things get taken out of context, I love everybody here originally appeared on Pro Football Talk