Is Courtland Sutton being undervalued this season?

Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski discuss if the Broncos wide receiver will benefit from the Russell Wilson treatment this season.

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Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: I find Courtland Sutton really interesting. And part of what I find interesting about him is that so many people have Jerry Jeudy ahead of him. And like all due respect to Jerry Jeudy, but we're still waiting for the first big Jeudy season, right?

They both benefit from the arrival of Russell Wilson. And maybe this kind of fits a bit of the narrative with both Diggs and Kupp, right? Like, part of their leveling up was-- turned out to be the fact that Diggs lands with Josh Allen, and it's just a beautiful connection right away. And Matthew Stafford becomes this upgrade in LA, and that was-- that was obviously great for Kupp.

And now for Courtland Sutton gaining Russell Wilson, this is a guy who's already had an 1,100 yard season with Joe Flacco and Drew Lock, right? He's another year removed from the ACL injury. If he's back to where he was, I think that-- I think that Courtland Sutton can also be one of these, like, 1,200 yard, 10 touchdown guys.

That probably isn't the overall wide receiver 1 season, but it's a-- but it's a damn good season. And it probably puts him inside the top 12.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I love the call. And it outlines the importance of last year you could have gotten a million things wrong. But if you came up with two things before the season-- if you said, OK-- because we always talk about nebulous backfields. And you have to see the opportunity there. If you saw Leonard Fournette emerging from the nebulous Tampa Bay backfield, you made a huge profit.

Now, without question, the two things to be right on-- you could be wrong in a million things, but if you had Kupp over Woods, if you had Deebo over Aiyuk, and drafted into that-- and that was gettable-- if you were just a little bit higher than consensus on those two guys, man, and landed both of them, I feel sorry for your opponents on some teams. You were building trophy cases, and you were going on parades and sending out, you know, promotional DVDs--


--if people even play DVDs anymore or promotional streaming videos. You had the hats on with the tags and everything. So when there is a situation like, OK, who is it? Is it Sutton? Is it Jeudy? You know, is Tim Patrick involved? Does Albert O step up? Who is Russell Wilson-- is Russell Wilson going to have a featured guy here?

If you get that answer right, there's so much significance attached to that. It's such an important thing to get. So I don't-- I'm not as sold on the the Sutton take as you are. I'm a little bit discouraged that there some off-the-field news with Jeudy. So we'll have to follow that through the summer and see what happens.