Could Serena Williams be the next WNBA team owner?

The WNBA is growing, and with players like Caitlin Clark and Kamilla Cardoso joining the league, the viewership will only skyrocket. The W is expanding with a new franchise in the Bay Area starting play in 2025 and another expansion franchise shortly on the horizon, or so we are told.

“I absolutely would be (interested),” Williams told CNN in an exclusive interview. “With the right market, I would definitely be super interested in that.”

This wouldn’t be the first professional sports team Williams is a part owner of. She also has stakes in soccer club Angel City FC and golf franchise Los Angeles Golf Club (LAGC).

Williams is not only a 23-time Grand Slam champion and tennis legend but also a savvy investor. She knows a good investment when she sees one and recently remarked that women’s sports are “an overly safe bet to me when it comes to investing.”

She has invested in roughly 100 companies, and multiple of them are now valued at over $1 billion.

“I invest in a lot of companies, early companies, and I’ve always done this,” Williams said on social media. “I’ve actually been investing for over 14 years and just been an entrepreneur while I was playing tennis. It’s super important for me to make a plan B while I was doing my plan A.”

Investing is important to her and she even has her six-year-old daughter, Olympia, as a co-owner of Angel City FC and LAGC. Her husband, Alexis Ohanian, shared on social media the Olympia is the youngest professional sports owner in history.

With the expansion of the W on the horizon, the league could not do any better than having Williams as an investor.

Story originally appeared on Rookie Wire