Conor McGregor appears to end retirement: 'See you in the Octagon'

Conor McGregor appeared to announce via Twitter on Wednesday that his alleged retirement is over.

Following a string of hateful tweets aimed at rival Khabib Nurmagomedov and his wife, McGregor tweeted late Wednesday about faith and moving forward in a message concluded with, “Now see you in the Octagon.”

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McGregor announced his retirement from mixed martial arts on March 25.

Short-lived ‘retirement’

His retirement announcement, which was his second since 2016, was met with skepticism, including from UFC boss Dana White who said recently “I think that there's some things that Conor wants.”

White speculated in that April 1 interview with KLAS-TV in Las Vegas that McGregor was holding out for an ownership stake in UFC, something White was reticent to promise.

“Is Conor very valuable to the sport and to the brand, the UFC? Of course he is,” White said. “That's a tough one, but I think there's other ways that we can make him happy."

As of now, there’s no word on McGregor and White reaching any type of agreement — only McGregor’s latest tweet.

Conor McGregor appeared to announce on Wednesday that his alleged retirement is over. (AP)
Conor McGregor appeared to announce on Wednesday that his alleged retirement is over. (AP)

Conclusion of ugly Twitter tirade?

McGregor referenced faith in his unretirement tweet, an allusion to the ugly attacks he posted in recent days against Nurmagomedov’s family that focused on their Muslim beliefs and customs.

On Tuesday, McGregor posted and deleted a tweet calling Khabib’s wife a towel accompanied by photos of the couple’s wedding with her head covered in Muslim garb.

He quickly deleted the post, which was preserved in screen shots.


Khabib retaliates

Nurmagomedov responded by calling McGregor a rapist in a Twitter attack of his own on Wednesday.

McGregor attacks Khabib’s wife again

McGregor once again attacked Nurmagomedov and his wife later Wednesday with another tweet that he deleted in short order.

This time he called Khabib’s wife a goat.


Was it all part of a plan?

McGregor and Nurmagomedov’s high-profile UFC 229 match famously ended in a post-fight brawl after Nurmagomedov forced a fourth-round submission.

Promotion for the fight included a litany of personal attacks from McGregor aimed at Nurmagomedov that culminated with Nurmagomedov initiating the post-fight melee.

So if this all sounds familiar and seems like a ploy to garner attention for a rematch, then it probably is.

Of course when and where that would happens depends on the outcome of the robbery charge facing McGregor in Florida and the sexual assault investigation in Ireland.

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