Will Commanders take Jayden Daniels at No. 2?

On Wednesday, the Commanders hosted four top quarterback prospects on the same day. Whatever the reason (the best explanation we've come up with is that the owner was available for one day to meet with them), the presumptive second overall pick — LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels — might not have been happy about that.

His agent, Ron Butler, reposted the PFT Live clip regarding the quarterback square dance with the guy-thinking-about-something emoji.

So what is the agent thinking? And what is Daniels thinking?

Coincidentally, or not, Butler made it known on Thursday morning that the Vikings were conducting a private workout with Daniels in Baton Rouge, one day after the visit to Washington.

The situation is prompting speculation in league circles that Daniels might not want to play for the Commanders. If that's the case, would the Commanders still take him at No. 2?

Even before this morning, some were thinking that Commanders ultimately won't take Daniels.

The team's options would be to trade out of the spot or just take someone else. As the Commanders consider their options, and as they compare and contrast the four who visited on Wednesday, what if the powers-that-be detected anything from Daniels other than an unequivocal desire to be the team's next quarterback?

It's difficult for a player to make a public power play. It's safer to be discreet. To seem not interested. To decline a request for a private workout.

Have the Commanders conducted a private workout with Daniels? There has been no report of one. Why would his agent disclose the workout with the Vikings and not with the Commanders, if there was one?

This is all food for thought. While it might trigger some Commanders fans, it's a byproduct of the decision to bring four top quarterbacks in for a visit on the same day.

And, please, this is not the same as Bill Belichick bringing in a bunch of offensive linemen at the same time. This is one of the most important decisions the Washington franchise has made in decades. They clearly will emerge from round one with a quarterback. Will it be Daniels at No. 2? Someone else at No. 2? Or someone else at a lower spot?

We'll all find out in a week. Before then, we'll be trying to figure out the direction in which the quarterback draft winds are blowing.