College Football Odds: Opening Early Lines, Values Week 2

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The early college football lines and odds for Week 2 of the 2022 season. Where are the potential values?

What are the lines for Week 2 of the 2022 college football season – and what should they be?

Here’s how this works. Without looking at the lines, I take a guess at what they are, and then go back and add them in to see just how off I am and where the potential value might be. It’s not that I know anything the rest of the world doesn’t, but it’s about the perception.

As your third grade teacher told you, always go with your first answer. So …

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College Football Week 2 Lines: Friday, September 9

Louisville at UCF
Fiu Early Guess: UCF -8.5
Actual Line: UCF -6

Boise State at New Mexico
Fiu Early Guess: Boise State -16
Actual Line:  Boise State -17

College Football Week 2 Lines: Saturday, September 10

Southern Miss at Miami
Fiu Early Guess: Miami -24
Actual Line: Miami -26

North Carolina at Georgia State
Fiu Early Guess: North Carolina -15
Actual Line: North Carolina -9

South Carolina at Arkansas
Fiu Early Guess: Arkansas -6.5
Actual Line: Arkansas -8

Duke at Northwestern
Fiu Early Guess: Northwestern -6.5
Actual Line: Northwestern -9

UTSA at Army
Fiu Early Guess: Army -3
Actual Line: UTSA -2

Alabama at Texas
Fiu Early Guess: Alabama -16
Actual Line: Alabama -18

Arkansas State at Ohio State
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio State -39
Actual Line: Ohio State -45

Wake Forest at Vanderbilt
Fiu Early Guess: Wake Forest -8
Actual Line: Wake Forest -6.5

Missouri at Kansas State
Fiu Early Guess: Kansas State -6.5
Actual Line: Kansas State -8.5

Ohio at Penn State
Fiu Early Guess: Penn State -26
Actual Line: Penn State -24.5

South Alabama at Central Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Central Michigan -5
Actual Line: Central Michigan -6.5

Western Michigan at Ball State
Fiu Early Guess: Western Michigan -7.5
Actual Line: Western Michigan -6.5

Marshall at Notre Dame
Fiu Early Guess: Notre Dame -23.5
Actual Line: Notre Dame -19

Maryland at Charlotte
Fiu Early Guess: Maryland -27
Actual Line: Maryland -26.5

Appalachian State at Texas A&M
Fiu Early Guess: Texas A&M -15.5
Actual Line: Texas A&M -16.5

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College Football Week 2 Lines: Saturday, September 10

Washington State at Wisconsin
Fiu Early Guess: Wisconsin -16
Actual Line: Wisconsin -17.5

Colorado at Air Force
Fiu Early Guess: Air Force -3
Actual Line: Air Force -15

Iowa State at Iowa
Fiu Early Guess: Iowa -5
Actual Line: Iowa -3.5

Middle Tennessee at Colorado State
Fiu Early Guess: Colorado State -8
Actual Line: Colorado State -7

Houston at Texas Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Texas Tech -3.5
Actual Line: Texas Tech -3

UNLV at Cal
Fiu Early Guess: Cal -15.5
Actual Line: Cal -15

Akron at Michigan State
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan State -32.5
Actual Line: Michigan State -35

Virginia at Illinois
Fiu Early Guess: Illinois -1.5
Actual Line: Illinois -3.5

UAB at Liberty
Fiu Early Guess: UAB -3
Actual Line: UAB -4.5

Kansas at West Virginia
Fiu Early Guess: West Virginia -18
Actual Line: West Virginia -14.5

Old Dominion at East Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: East Carolina -11
Actual Line: East Carolina -12

Kentucky at Florida
Fiu Early Guess: Florida -7.5
Actual Line: Florida -5.5

UMass at Toledo
Fiu Early Guess: Toledo -27.5
Actual Line: Toledo -30

Kent State at Oklahoma
Fiu Early Guess: Oklahoma -36
Actual Line: Oklahoma -31

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College Football Week 2 Lines: Saturday, September 10

Northern Illinois at Tulsa
Fiu Early Guess: Tulsa -6
Actual Line: Tulsa -6

FIU at Texas State
Fiu Early Guess: Texas State -15
Actual Line: Texas State -11

Syracuse at UConn
Fiu Early Guess: Syracuse -27
Actual Line: Syracuse -20.5

Eastern Michigan at Louisiana
Fiu Early Guess: Louisiana -13
Actual Line: Louisiana -12

USC at Stanford
Fiu Early Guess: USC -20.5
Actual Line: USC -10.5

Arizona State at Oklahoma State
Fiu Early Guess: Oklahoma State -11
Actual Line: Oklahoma State -10.5

Georgia Southern at Nebraska
Fiu Early Guess: Nebraska -10
Actual Line: Nebraska -21

San Jose State at Auburn
Fiu Early Guess: Auburn -30
Actual Line: Auburn -22

Hawaii at Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan -45
Actual Line: Michigan -50

Boston College at Virginia Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Virginia Tech -3.5
Actual Line: Virginia Tech -3

New Mexico State at UTEP
Fiu Early Guess: UTEP -8.5
Actual Line: UTEP -13.5

Baylor at BYU
Fiu Early Guess: BYU -2.5
Actual Line: BYU -3

Oregon State at Fresno State
Fiu Early Guess: Oregon State -4
Actual Line: Fresno State -1

Mississippi State at Arizona
Fiu Early Guess: Mississippi State -10.5
Actual Line: Mississippi State -8

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