Cole Kmet believes Bears have solid infrastructure in place for Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears are known for their legendary history of linebackers and running backs. But they’re also known for their woeful history of failed quarterbacks that has spanned decades.

It’s why many questioned the Bears finally managing to get it right with Caleb Williams, who is considered by many to be the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck.

During an appearance on “Up & Adams,” tight end (and childhood Bears fan) Cole Kmet explained why Williams might finally be the one to break the cycle of failed quarterbacks in Chicago.

“For the first time in a long time…we have an infrastructure in place for a high-end, talented rookie quarterback to come in,” Kmet said.

General manager Ryan Poles has overhauled the roster in a big way in less than three years, and that included building an ideal offense for his new rookie quarterback. Williams will have an arsenal of weapons — including DJ Moore, Keenan Allen, rookie Rome Odunze, D’Andre Swift and Kmet — an improved offensive line and a top-10 defense.  Not to mention, he’s got an incredibly high ceiling as a quarterback.

“Obviously Caleb’s very highly-touted. He’s been that way for a long time now,” Kmet said. “He gets to go into a situation with a lot of veteran-quality, good players and also a really good defense. I think it’s a good situation that lines up for him really well and for the rest of the team. That’s why I think it’s a little bit different.”

Williams will still have to prove himself on the field, and his rookie season likely won’t be all sunshine and roses as he makes his transition to the NFL. But this is the first time — in a long time, if ever — that a No. 1 pick quarterback is entering a situation that is setting him up for immediate rookie success — and beyond.

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire