In classy move, Bears sign injured Zach Miller to one-year deal

While in the process of attempting to catch a touchdown pass against New Orleans, Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller hit the ground with enough force to dislocate his knee, an injury so severe that Miller very nearly lost his leg. (Plus, to add insult to grievous injury, the touchdown didn’t even count.)

The demolished knee demanded immediate surgery to repair a torn popliteal artery; the knee was so ruined that Miller even risked amputation. The likelihood of Miller ever playing professional football again is slim indeed, but the Bears have nonetheless offered him a one-year deal.

The deal pays Miller $458,000 if he doesn’t play, and $790,000 if he does. It’s a fine gesture, given that Miller’s contract ran out at the end of 2017 and Chicago didn’t owe him another dime.

The move is a classy one from a player-treatment perspective, and also serves as good PR for the organization. All too often, NFL teams are meat factories that grind up players and spit out the bones; this is a sign that, at least in this instance, the Bears are taking a different approach.

Zach Miller will sign a one-year deal with the Bears. (AP file photo)
Zach Miller will sign a one-year deal with the Bears. (AP file photo)

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