Chiefs seem to be inclined to stick with Rashee Rice

The Chiefs still haven't had much to say about receiver Rashee Rice, after last month's street racing incident that led to a six-car crash. However, it's becoming more clear that the Chiefs won't be ending their relationship with him — even though some have called for that outcome.

For now, he's participating in the offseason program virtually. Everyone is. Will Rice be in the building when the players show up?

"We're just gonna take it day by day here as we go," coach Andy Reid told reporters on Monday.

On any of those days, the NFL could make a decision that forces the team's hand. For now, however, the league has said or done nothing beyond confirming that it is monitoring the developments.

Reid repeatedly said on Monday the Chiefs plan to let the legal process unfold. Currently, Rice faces eight felony charges arising from the incident.

Asked whether the Chiefs still trust Rice, Reid said this: "As long as he's learned from it . . . that's the important part of it."

Yes, that sounds like a team that sees Rice on the right side of the dividing line between star and scrub that buys him the benefit of the doubt.

The lesson doesn't come from experiencing the consequences of reckless behavior. It comes from the consequences. And even though a good scare will get a guy to not do it again, a good scare often isn't good enough.

Sometimes, more than a good scare for someone like Rice is needed in order to give others who have yet to engage in similar behavior a good scare.

For the Chiefs, the reality is that they don't seem to be inclined to sever ties with a good player. Even if they'll likely be without him for all or part of 2024.