Chargers general manager candidate profile: Terrance Gray

The Chargers completed an interview for their general manager position with Bills Director of Player Personnel Terrance Gray on Wednesday. Adding in Jeff Ireland and Ed Dodds, Los Angeles is up to seven reported interview candidates for general manager.

Gray joined the Bills in 2017 and ascended to assistant director of player personnel in 2020. He was promoted to full-time director of player personnel in June of 2022.

Gray comes up through experience as a college scout. Before his time in Buffalo, he worked for the Minnesota Vikings as a college scout for 11 seasons. Before that, he was with the Chiefs for three seasons in various roles.

Along with Bills’ assistant head coach Eric Washington, Gray was selected to participate in the NFL’s accelerator program in 2022. The program promotes diverse candidates, getting more spotlight on their candidacies for future head coaching and general manager positions.

Gray has playing experience as a cornerback in college. He played at Oregon State for his junior and senior seasons in 1999 and 2000.

The rapid ascent of Gray in Buffalo overlaps with the selection of Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL draft, in addition to other moves. It’s not a surprise the Chargers are looking to the original college scouts from the league’s best teams, given their current cap situation with future drafts in mind. The same is true with Joe Hortiz’s interview and candidacy from Baltimore.

Following the Chargers’ interview with Dodds on Wednesday, we’ll have to see if there are more candidates for Los Angeles to look at in their first round of interviews. Or if they start to get serious about narrowing the field with their second round of interviews instead.

Story originally appeared on Chargers Wire