Chaos reigns as game clock breaks in final minutes of Stanley Cup Final

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Neither the Capitals nor the <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nhl/teams/vgk" data-ylk="slk:Golden Knights">Golden Knights</a> knew what was happening in the final minutes of the Stanley Cup Final. (AP Photo)
Neither the Capitals nor the Golden Knights knew what was happening in the final minutes of the Stanley Cup Final. (AP Photo)

The NHL somehow found a way to make games in the Stanley Cup Final even more stressful.

The Washington Capitals triumphed in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final to win the first championship of their 44-year history. It was a thrilling game bound to be replayed in Washington for generations, but there was only confusion for a solid chunk of the final two minutes in the series.

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With around two minutes remaining in Game 5, the clock disappeared. For around a minute, the Capitals and Las Vegas Golden Knights fought it out with time being a mere theory.

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By Yahoo Sports’ own highly precise measurements, the clock stoppage on NBC’s broadcast lasted about 1:01 (one minute, one second) between when the clock went out at 1:49 remaining in the game and when it came back at the 0:51 mark. So the operators weren’t too far off, though they were probably a little nervous as the Golden Knights frantically tried to tie the game in the Caps’ zone in the final seconds of the game.

As for the game’s audience, social media immediately went berserk when people realized something had gone wrong with the operations of one of the most important moments of hockey. Here are some of the biggest reactions we could find.

Yelling and conspiracy theories reign in Game 5 of Stanley Cup Final

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