Cam Newton heard ‘whispers’ Jerod Mayo would be Patriots’ next coach years ago

Cam Newton had a strong feeling about Jerod Mayo, dating back to when he was a quarterback for the New England Patriots. Per Newton, it was clear to him from the very beginning that Mayo was going to be the next in line to coach the Patriots.

Some individuals have a certain presence that sets them apart, and it didn’t take long for players and coaches to recognize Mayo’s ability to lead and coach. The former NFL linebacker rocketed to the top from inside linebackers coach to Bill Belichick’s replacement.

Newton commented on his initial impressions of Mayo, when appearing on the “4th & 1 with Cam Newton” podcast.

“Jerod Mayo is solidified and has all right to be the next person in charge,” Newton said. “Hell, when I was there, I knew he was going to be the next. Just his presence alone. He was running a lot of meetings, and he had that type of leadership tone. And it was almost like he was the next up. There were whispers, but we’re talking two or three years ago.”

Mayo will certainly have his work cut out for him, as he looks to rebuild the Patriots’ roster. Nevertheless, it’s clear that the coaching seeds were being planted and noticed early on by those around him.

Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire