Bulls urged to tank for 2025 NBA Draft and chance at Cooper Flagg

The Chicago Bulls have spent the past two seasons swimming in a sea of mediocrity, and they’ve been okay with it. However, now that it’s clear that something isn’t working, they need to focus on the future. Morten Stig Jensen of Sports Illustrated recently broke down why the Bulls need to start prepping (and tanking) for the 2025 NBA Draft and a chance at selecting Cooper Flagg.

“Last year, despite having every reason to, the Chicago Bulls refused to tank. This cost them a shot at Victor Wembanyama,” wrote Stig Jensen. “This season, despite once again having every reason to, they once again refused to tank. Fortunately, their timing this time around was far better given that there is no Wembanyama on the draft board this year.

“However, with the 2025 draft coming up next year, the Bulls need to actually put themselves in a position to compete for the services of a possible superstar. Because what’s the point of just making the play-in year after year and ultimately getting nowhere? Cooper Flagg represents the next big name, and the next big chance of securing your franchise a player you can lean on for 15 years.”

Getting a guy like Flagg could chance the course of the Bulls franchise, so they need to be ready to make it happen (or at least get a top pick in the 2025 draft).

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire