New Bulls PF Torrey Craig leaks hilarious exchange with Andre Drummond

The Chicago Bulls have been extremely active so far this offseason, making a plethora of moves in an attempt to push their roster forward. They brought back Nikola Vucevic and Coby White on new deals, and they also signed Jevon Carter, improving the depth at their point guard position.

But most recently, they inked veteran free agent Torrey Craig to a two-year deal, giving them some much-needed forward depth and improved three-point shooting. The only problem is, Craig wears No. 3, but that number isn’t currently available on the Bulls, as it’s taken by big man Andre Drummond, who picked up his player option and will be returning to the Bulls next year.

So, when Craig signed with Chicago, he messaged Drummond in an attempt to buy the number off him, but the conversation didn’t go down the way he would have hoped. Craig posted the entire interaction to his Instagram Story, and Josh Buckhalter of Heavy Sports posted the image to Twitter.

Craig offered Drummond $500 for No. 3, to which Drummond replied with a quick “no chance.” However, he did note that he would concede on the notion if Craig could convince White to give him No. 0, which Drummond wore on the Detroit Pistons and Brooklyn Nets.

Then, Craig suggested that Drummond switch to No. 00, but he said that would be like him telling Craig to switch to No. 33. Craig quickly pointed out is retired (for Scottie Pippen).

It seems as though Craig’s tenure is already off to a hilariously roaring start.

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