Brian Windhorst dismisses LeBron James to Warriors narrative

The Golden State Warriors are expected to be active during the offseason. An inconsistent season followed by an early exit in the play-in tournament has raised questions over the franchise’s ability to continue competing for a championship. As such, LeBron James’ name has been floated as a potential free-agent target should he choose to leave the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst has since reminded the world that the salary cap would likely close the door on any potential Steph Curry/LeBron team-up. The insider joked that a potential pairing of the two stars is ‘fantasyland.’

“LeBron’s contract for next year for the Lakers, if he opts in, calls for $51 million,” Windhorst said. “If he opts, he is looking for contracts in that range. The Warriors have nothing like that…Remember $50 million per year, multiple years, the Lakers can give him. The idea of LeBron going to another team for $10 million on the mid-level exception or, in the case of the tax-paying team, $6 million…Before you enter fantasyland, don’t forget about the salary. Salary is important. I know LeBron has made a lot of money, (but) he wants to buy an NBA team. You don’t buy an NBA team leaving $50 million on the table.”

Joe Lacob has previously expressed his desire for the Warriors to avoid the tax apron this season. Adding a $50 million contract to the mix isn’t how you do that.

Currently, LeBron’s future is unknown. However, it’s safe to say that it likely doesn’t reside in the Bay Area, no matter how much certain sections of the fanbase wish it did.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire