Brawl at youth basketball game ends with spectator body slamming referee

Brawl at youth basketball game ends with spectator body slamming referee

A conflict at a girls basketball game turned violent in Indiana this week and ended with a spectator body slamming a referee.

The incident occurred during a weekend game between Indiana Elite and Baylor Basketball (not associated with Baylor University) at the Pacers Athletic Center in the Indianapolis suburb of Westfield, The Indianapolis Star reports.

With Indiana Elite leading late in the first quarter, a Baylor coach argued with a referee about a call during a stoppage in play and started to leave the court. Baylor players picked up their bags and also started to exit the court.

Spectator approaches ref, gets slapped

A spectator walked across the court from the stands while recording the referee on his phone. The spectator appeared to say something to the official, who responded by slapping the spectator. The two then exchanged blows.

Other spectators and a Baylor player joined the fracas before the initial spectator picked up the referee and slammed him onto the court. The Baylor player then repeatedly hit the referee before other spectators jumped in to break up the fight.

Team banned from future events

PAC president Evan Suttner confirmed to the Star that the incident occurred at his court.

"The event staff removed the involved parties from the remainder of the tournament and will not welcome them back to future events," a PAC statement read.

The age group of the participants isn't clear. Neither is the identity of the official or participants. Westfield police told the Star that they were investigating the incident.

Baylor Basketball did not respond to requests from the Star for comment.

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