Braden Fiske’s game caught Maxx Crosby’s eye pre-draft

Braden Fiske was a player the Los Angeles Rams coveted in the 2024 NFL draft. So much so that they were willing to part with a 2025 second-round pick in order to trade up for him in Round 2.

After flipping on the tape, it doesn’t take long to see why the Rams were so high on him in the draft. He plays with high energy and uses his combination of quickness and power to consistently pressure quarterbacks.

Raiders star Maxx Crosby does the same, and leading up to the draft, he didn’t hide his thoughts on Fiske. He was a big fan of the Florida State product, shouting him out multiple times. The first time was in February after a clip of Fiske from the Senior Bowl was shared on Twitter. Crosby called him a “dawg” and reposted the video.

Then on April 19, Crosby mentioned Fiske during a press conference.

“When people turn my film on, they know exactly what the hell I am. I have no doubt,” Crosby said. “I could put my film in a middle school, an elementary school, an NFL meeting, a Hall of Fame meeting, they’re going to see a dawg. So that’s the guys I’m looking for, guys like Fiske from Florida State. I watch a dude like him, he’s a dawg. I know he’s a dawg.”

Fiske talked about getting a shoutout from Crosby while on the “Up and Adams Show” in March and said it was awesome because like Crosby, Fiske plays sideline-to-sideline as a defensive lineman.

“He’s somebody I look up to. He was a MAC guy, too,” Fiske said. “To have someone like him at least notice and shout me out, that’s pretty cool. You’re doing something right.”

Crosby’s opinion doesn’t necessarily mean Fiske will pan out in the NFL, but by all accounts, the Florida State product has as good a work ethic as anyone. That alone should help him find success at the next level with the Rams.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire