Bob Myers left Warriors because team 'going south,' Skip Bayless claims

Skip believes Myers left Warriors because team 'going south' originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Bob Myers revealed the main reason he was stepping down from his role as Warriors general manager and president of basketball operations earlier this week, but one NBA pundit isn’t buying it.

While Myers said he couldn’t commit 1,000 percent “complete engagement” to the team anymore, FS1’s Skip Bayless believes there’s more to the story.

“If this is just about money and it could be, then shame on Joe Lacob and Peter Guber. My gut feeling from a distance is it’s not just about money,” Bayless said on “Undisputed” on Wednesday morning. “Bob Myers, on a national scope outside of Dub Nation, is not a huge figure. He’s not exactly a Jerry West sort of GM stature figure. But I think I understand why he is stepping away. He’s basically quitting. He’s saying ‘I’m out,’ because they did offer him a new deal, and I don’t know the specifics of it, but I’m sure it was very competitive with whatever the best GMs are making.

“Bob Myers sat back and said I got a pretty good reputation around the league. If I want another job, I'm going to get another job because I'm going to get multiple offers as they become available. He said ‘I need to sit still for a while.’ … So he needs to just go sit quietly. Wife, three kids. Just get away from it. Let his head clear and say, ‘OK, what’s my next chapter? Where can I start fresh?’ Because I think he’s getting out while the getting is good because he sees what’s coming. It’s going south.”

The Warriors enter a jam-packed, busy offseason with several significant decisions on the horizon.

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With decisions to make surrounding Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and even Warriors coach Steve Kerr within the next year, many believe Myers' departure was an early sign of the beginning of the end of the Warriors dynasty.

Regardless of public opinion and whatever happens in the future, though, Myers has the utmost confidence that Golden State is in great shape for the years to come.

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